Russian Grand Prix

After a successful debut on the Formula One calendar in 2014, the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi returns to host the 16th round of the Championship. The Sochi Autodrom is one of the longest in Formula One and circumnavigates the 2014 Winter Olympic venues as well as sharing just over 1km with public roads.

Designed by Herman Tilke, the circuit boasts some of his signature designs such as long straights and sweeping hairpins.

F1 implodes, for some…


Sochi Autodrom, 10 October 2014: Marcus Ericsson in the garage.

Sochi Autodrom, 10 October 2014: Caterham’s Marcus Ericsson in the garage.


Following on from Bernie’s insanity over double points for the last GP of the season, I fear those who run F1 and clearly who are far cleverer than me are either losing the plot, or more likely acting like Dr Strangelove – only this time the right people are pushing the wrong button.

Marussia F1 has ceased trading and those super people at the Caterham F1 Team are launching the #RefuelCaterhamF1 project so the team can go racing in Abu Dhabi and hopefully beyond.

As they say: “The team will reward both fans and sponsors in this unique opportunity to be the driving force behind the team by crowdfunding its return to the grid.”

If I win the lottery tonight, I’ll be the first one in. I fear though all will be in vein.

But this doesn’t matter. What does is that those who keep the cogs of the sport turning are losing their jobs, and that I find unforgiveable.

I don’t like alter slaughters at the best of times but there is no reason why smaller teams should be sacrificed.  Clearly a plan operating at a high level is being played out. I hope the buggers have a conscience.

I know F1’s a business but we’ve crossed the line here people!

Sochi – well, here we are then…

Never thought it would go ahead until, that is, I saw the first images of the circuit set-up. And now, here we are in October and post Ukraine it’s almost upon us and appears to be going ahead as planned (10-12th) minus controversy. Well, troubles elsewhere are keeping the press busy.

The Sochi Autodrom – in Krasnodar Krai, Russia and another circuit designed by Formula One architect, Hermann Tilke – features 18 corners across 5.8 kilometres and will host round 16 of the 2014 World Championship. It’s an interesting layout with a good mix of high speed corners and technical sections.

Sebastian Vettel was the first F1 driver to lap the circuit and you can see an onboard video of his lap here.

Pointless me posting images when you can see them all here.

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