F1 implodes, for some…


Sochi Autodrom, 10 October 2014: Marcus Ericsson in the garage.

Sochi Autodrom, 10 October 2014: Caterham’s Marcus Ericsson in the garage.


Following on from Bernie’s insanity over double points for the last GP of the season, I fear those who run F1 and clearly who are far cleverer than me are either losing the plot, or more likely acting like Dr Strangelove – only this time the right people are pushing the wrong button.

Marussia F1 has ceased trading and those super people at the Caterham F1 Team are launching the #RefuelCaterhamF1 project so the team can go racing in Abu Dhabi and hopefully beyond.

As they say: “The team will reward both fans and sponsors in this unique opportunity to be the driving force behind the team by crowdfunding its return to the grid.”

If I win the lottery tonight, I’ll be the first one in. I fear though all will be in vein.

But this doesn’t matter. What does is that those who keep the cogs of the sport turning are losing their jobs, and that I find unforgiveable.

I don’t like alter slaughters at the best of times but there is no reason why smaller teams should be sacrificed.  Clearly a plan operating at a high level is being played out. I hope the buggers have a conscience.

I know F1’s a business but we’ve crossed the line here people!

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