Top 10 wealthiest F1 drivers of all time

Thanks to Wealth-X for this. Its list of the top 10 richest F1 drivers of all time includes active and retired race car drivers.

Cruising into first place on the list is seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher who has an estimated net worth of US$780 million. The retired German driver, who last raced for Mercedes in 2012, is currently recovering from a serious brain injury from a skiing accident in the French Alps in 2013.

Schumacher’s wealth represents 43% of the combined net worth of all 10 men on the list, four of whom have retired from the sport.

Reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton came in fifth place on the Wealth-X list with a personal fortune of US$110 million.

Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg took 10th place with US$30 million in assets.

The youngest driver on the list is 27-year-old Sebastien Vettel, who has a net worth of US$45 million. The oldest is 60-year-old retired Frenchman Alain Prost, who has amassed a personal fortune of US$70 million.

1 Michael Schumacher (Mercedes) $780m – Retired
2 Fernando Alonso (McLaren) $220m
3 Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) $180m
4 Eddie Irvine (Jaguar) $180m – Retired
5 Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) $110m
6 Jenson Button (McLaren) $100m
7 Alan Prost (Williams) $70m – Retired
8 David Coulthard (Red Bull) $70m – Retired
9 Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) $45m
10 Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) $30m

(Latest team for retired drivers)

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