Reporting for beginners

It’s amazing how much broadcast tech is finding its way into the hands of the non-telly market.

Get in there. Get reporting..

Get in there. Get reporting..

Take Livewire Digital’s NetCaster, for example. A low-cost iPhone and iPad app can be used by groups of untrained personnel to send in realtime photos, sequences of stills and video directly to a producer or a command centre.

Ideal for event organisers, the emergency services, the military and NGOs, this new application is perfect for breaking news coverage of sporting events, expeditions and situation awareness.

Designed to help users reduce and manage operational costs, this new app provides rock solid audio and uses the ‘pay by volume’ Inmarsat satellite service to transfer media.

Netcaster uses sophisticated bandwidth control to efficiently deliver media to base – be these photos, realtime sequences of stills or motion video. Producers or command centre staff at base can then determine how the footage from multiple field personnel is presented to the viewers.

Easy-to-use production facilities offer split-screen functionality so the producer or command centre staff can view media from up to six contributors at once and manage their audio feeds.

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