Newey and Ainslie to pair up?

It’s not such a bad supposition.

It would certainly be a dream combination – our finest sailor looking to redress the balance of history with a British contender for the Americas Cup, and our finest F1 designer who has stated already he would be tempted with a foray into boat design.

One suspects it’s going to be all about timing. Adrian Newey is committed to next year’s car with Red Bull Racing, with 2014 posing design challenges for all the teams with the regulation changes.

Fresh from his success with Oracle Team USA, Sir Ben Ainslie is on the crest of a wave (so to speak) and is keen to capitalise on his worth as he attracts backing for a new British contender.

But Newey, talented though he undoubtedly is in Formula One motor racing, is untested in the world of yacht design and he (and Ainslie) would be taking a huge risk with such a project.

So – yes – lovely idea. But I don’t think it’s going to happen – sadly.

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