Election auction for Great Ormond Street charity

My chum at Starcards – the celebrated Mr Paul Brett – tells me his organisation is auctioning off a collection of Great Ormond Street Hospital playing cards which have been signed by the country’s prime ministerial contenders. The auction is raising money for the Hospital’s own children’s charity. It finishes tomorrow night (7 May 2010) at 8pm. You can preview the items here.

The signed cards are professionally framed with images of Brown, Cameron and Clegg. The auction should be a fun ‘pole’ of the nation’s voting intentions as each leader goes head to head in a first past the post bidding frenzy to raise the highest bid on election day.

Hope Nick doesn’t become the joker in the pack!


London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital provides world class specialist paediatric care, research, training and education, and a continued commitment to sick children.

Starcards raises thousands of pounds for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity every year, every penny of which goes directly to the Charity to spend on the most needy medical equipment and research facilities. £50 million is required every year.

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