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Didn’t think Horner and Marko would take it lying down…

Daniel Ricciardo has been handed third place in the Mexican Grand Prix after Sebastian Vettel was penalised after the race by the stewards.  The FIA says the Ferrari driver was handed a 10-second time penalty for moving under braking as he battled the Red Bull driver in the closing laps of the race.

Vettel finished the grand prix in fourth place but was elevated to third after Max Verstappen was given a five-second penalty after the flag for gaining an advantage when tussling with the four-time champion. Vettel stood on the podium alongside race winner Lewis Hamilton and second-placed Nico Rosberg, but soon after the race both Vettel and Ricciardo were called before the stewards.

After reviewing evidence of the incident between the Ferrari and Red Bull drivers, the race stewards ruled that telemetry and video showed that Vettel changed direction under braking and that Ricciardo had to take evasive action.

They determined that Vettel had breached Article 27.5 of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations and handed Vettel a 10-second penalty. That dropped him to fifth place, with Ricciardo rising to third and Verstappen taking fourth.

Yes, the stewards do see evidence we don’t necessarily, but I do wonder whether this ‘technicality’ was the only thing they could get him on which looked plausible and not upset Ferrari after those foul-mouthed rants which in the old days would have been enough to deliver a major rebuke. IMHO, Verstappen did push Vettel into a Red Bull sandwich and Vettel had to react very quickly. Compared with other examples of ‘moving under breaking’ it was pretty minor and the result of Vettel having to take evasive action in a fraction of a second.

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