Hamilton, Rosberg and… Vettel

Great result from both Mercedes drivers at the Mexican Grand Prix. But a messy finish as Max Verstappen is penalised for an unfair advantage over Vettel which otherwise would have seen him finish third. Can’t believe Horner and Helmut are going to take that one lying down.

Clearly shocked in the drivers’ cool-down room (as it’s called), Verstappen labelled Sebastian Vettel’s behaviour “ridiculous” as the Ferrari driver blocked Daniel Ricciardo and swore angrily over the radio during the closing laps.

Certainly one thing he can’t continue doing is ranting at Formula 1 race director Charlie Whiting, saying: “Here’s a message for Charlie – F*** off! F*** off!”.

“I don’t know how many times he is using very bad language in general,” Verstappen told Sky Sports. “I think he has to go back to school or something to get some language. I will speak to him because this is just ridiculous the way he is handling it. He’s always so frustrated, the whole weekend, he’s shouting on the radio. In the end, he’s just a very frustrated guy at the moment.”

It’s easy for us to pass judgement. We’re not pumped up with adrenaline and frustrated with our team’s performance to date, but come on Seb, get a grip matey. You’re a multi-millionaire, well-rewarded for his efforts, and multiple World Champion for goodness sake. It’s not as if you haven’t been there before. Or was it too easy last time?


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