Well, what did you think of Channel 4’s F1 coverage?

Adverts. I just hate the adverts.

We’d been promised uninterrupted coverage but this seemed to be a play on words. We went back to where we’d left off after what seemed like an interminable break – usual in so many ways these days – and viewers hadn’t ‘missed’ anything, but in a way they did.

The live element – even if perceived to be live in a recording – is important for F1. It’s one of those sports that demands continuous coverage or we just lose the element of excitement.

Certainly the balance of David Coulthard and Mark Webber – who stole the show in my view – really worked. Steve Jones was filled with enthusiasm and was somewhat in awe to find himself in such illustrious F1 company it seemed.

But I’m sorry to say by the second round of ads I turned off to follow the ‘action’ via other feeds. This means I missed the rest of the team who I’m sure were marvellous.

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