The points thing

Thanks to the BBC’s Andrew Benson for identifying the elephant in the room (which we all recognise):

“Mercedes have been so dominant this season – Hamilton has 10 wins while Rosberg has four – that one of their drivers will almost certainly win both remaining races.

“If Hamilton wins in Brazil with Rosberg second, his lead would increase to 31 points going into the final race. A second place would be all Rosberg needed in Abu Dhabi in that scenario to beat Hamilton to the championship if the Englishman failed to score.”

Crazy. If Rosberg beats Hamilton into second place in Brazil on Sunday he would cut his deficit to 17 points and Rosberg would need only a fifth place in Abu Dhabi to be champion in the event Hamilton did not score a point.

Hamilton said: “You can’t think about it. It’s a fact that it’s a possibility but it’s not something I’m willing to accept.”

Of course not. I love Bernie. I admire him on so many levels. Really I do. But this would be his death knell…

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