Sky Sports F1 site – forget it

Unless you love ads of course.

Was looking forward to accessing some of Sky Sport F1’s much publicised video reports on its swanky new web site today. The BBC’s site has been looking tired for some time.

Imagine my disappointment, especially after all the pre-launch hype, when I click in there only to hit ad after ad before I can get to the meat. Each time you click on what you assume will be a report, you have to endure a minute or so of tedious advertising. And it’s the same ad.

I’m sure Brundle and the team have lots of interesting comments to make but I’m back to the BBC. To be honest, I never really left, but I was hoping Sky would add a little more dynamism to the package. I assume it’s there, but I can’t be bothered ploughing through the ads to find it.

At least with the BBC Sport’s F1 site I can click straight on to the highlights and they’re there. TV coverage is good too. Ironically, today’s tightly edited post qualy Melbourne report was first class.

In the case of the BBC – less, really is more. Sky – you may have quality, but it takes some finding. Please do something about it.

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