Well done Cosworth!

The technology specialist has done a sensational job in providing a third of the grid with competitive, efficient and reliable engines this season.

Reliability is a central pillar of any racing programme – particularly on engines considering the 8-engine-per-driver rule. Unfortunately good reliability is a non-story and engines only tend to get noticed when there are clouds of smoke and pistons on the track.

Adding the distances achieved in Hungary, the total cumulative mileage for the Cosworth CA2010 engine in 12 race weekends is just over 58,000km across four teams – without a single engine failure.

But – how does the CA2010 rate in terms of ultimate performance?

Says General Manager of Cosworth’s F1 Business Unit, Mark Gallagher:

“It’s a very competitive engine. The results that AT&T Williams have been scoring since Valencia, with consistent Q3 performances and targeting a move up the Constructors’ table, illustrates that.

“When Rubens Barrichello overtook Michael Schumacher yesterday, he went on to set the third fastest lap of the race with a 1m22.811 – 0.16s slower than the best of race winner Mark Webber.

“I realise tyres played a key part but it’s nice to see that he was also third quickest in the speed trap at 291.6kmh and fourth fastest on the finish line. I’d like to hope people understand the Cosworth engine plays its part in that performance. You need power to make the most of the grip.”

What are Cosworth’s hopes for the final third of the season?

“We are looking forward very much to Spa and Monza to see how we perform on circuits where the engine can stretch its legs,” adds Gallagher.

“Williams wants more championship points, at every race, and we’d like to be on the podium. With Lotus Racing, Virgin Racing and HRT, huge progress has been made and it was particularly nice to see that the reliability issues which have been a problem for them at times finally disappeared on Sunday.

“The new teams have really done a terrific job under difficult circumstances in terms of lack of time to prepare and the most difficult economic situation the sport has endured in modern times.

“We are very proud of our association with them and from a personal point of view I would love to see one of the new teams score a World Championship point before the end of the season.

“Impossible, some will say, but I believe that under certain conditions it could happen. That would be fantastic.”

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