Was Fergie right to demand payment?

Richard Hillgrove thinks Sarah Ferguson was justified in demanding money in return for an introduction to her ex-husband. Controversial? Maybe. But then again there’s nothing like a spot of opportunism to promote your PR company is there?

Hillgrove (left) is former PR to Dragon’s Den star James Caan

The News of the World filmed the Duchess allegedly making arrangements for the money to be paid into her bank account by a reporter who was posing as a businessman. The newspaper also claimed that it knew of two businessmen who had been introduced to Fergie’s former hubbie – the Duke of York and the UK’s Special Representative for Trade and Investment – by the Duchess herself.

But, according to Hillgrove – Managing Director of Hillgrove PR:

“Money changes hands so that businesses can gain access to influential people every day of the week. It is a vital part of business: there is nothing unusual about what the Duchess of York did. Facilitating a business introduction is legitimate work and if she has been approached the Duchess is correct to expect payment if she makes it happen.”

What do you think?

One response

  1. What do I think?

    I think a picture is worth a thousand words.

    I’m sure the Duchess with sleep easier tonight, knowing that such an arbiter of legitimate business practice is in her corner.

    With luck, Julie Kirkbride will come out on her side too.


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